The Barking Dogs – Mamarracho (feat. Marcelo Burlon) / Linked In (12″)

Release: 9 March 2012
Cat#: GOMMA 168

Everybody goes crazy for the new Gomma 12″: The Barking Dogs: “Mamarracho / Linked In” – New 12inch out today. Featuring Marcelo Burlon on vocals on “Mamarracho”.
Our 2 Italian friends come up with their 2nd release on Gomma and.. what should we say? Check the feedback:

James Murphy: “More!!!”
Roberto Rodriguez: “Yeah! Cool tunes.”
Soul Clap: ” The real deal. Big up..”
Nathan Gregory Wilkins: “Wow!!! This is great.” ”
Acid Washed: “Best track of 2012 SO FAR!”
Jacques Renault: “I like!!!”
Horse Meat Disco: “Linked in is a bomb .. Mamarracho is another bomb ..WOW! BIG UP ”
Shir Khan / Exploited: “This release is complete crazyness!!”

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