V.A. – Teutonik Disaster EP 2 (12″)

Release: 10 October 2003
Cat#: Gomma 028

This is a 7 track vinyl version of the whole CD compilation. (A first 4 track ep was out 2 months ago). Extremly rare german music from late 70ies & early 80ies that mixes the Punk & New Wave attitude of these days with Funk, Disco & Ska. These bands really were ahead of its time. These tracks did have nothing to do with the (in)famous Neue deutsche Welle hype of early 80ies (99 luftballons). What you hear on this 12“ are bands who are totally unknown even in Germany.

A1) Explorer – Yellow Power
A2) The Tanzdiele – Musik
A3) Reifenstahl – Je T’air
B1) BBB – Alltag (Munk Edit)
B2) 50 Tabletten – Am Abend im Land der Träume
B3) Schwarze Bewegung – Traumfrau
B4) Exkurs – Steril

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