V.A. – Teutonik Disaster EP 1 (12″)

Release: 10 September 2002
Cat#: Gomma 025

This is an EP–Vinyl with 4 Clubtracks from the Teutonik Disaster CD–Album. A collection of rare German Discopunk recorded late 70ies till early 80ies. Tracks from bands that were not part of the famous “Neue deutsche Welle” – Hype from these days, but did much more interesting music – extremly ahead of its time. Doesn’t this music sound like a mixture of today’s Radio 4, Daniel Wang and the DFA – stuff – in a German way? (“It might be 20 years old, but everyone will talk about THIS Popmusic.” NME) (“Full marks to the Munk – Boys for this!” Trevor Jackson/ Playgroup)

A1) Explorer – Rabbits
A2) Carmen – Schlaraffenland
B1) Exkurs – Fakten sind Terror
B2) Scala – Irrsinn in Dub

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